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Mark Coakley wrote Murder Bugs: A Love Story, Shroom Boom: Canada’s Psychedelic Pioneers, The Saga of Halfdan the Black and Various, published by Fire Ant Press.

He is also the author of Hidden Harvest: The Rise and Fall of North America’s Biggest Grow-Op and Tip and Trade: How Two Lawyers Made Millions from Insider Trading, published by ECW Press.

His books have earned glowing reviews in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator, Canadian Lawyer, Now and elsewhere. Mark has been interviewed on CTV’s Canada AM, CBC Radio’s The Current, CHCH News and elsewhere.

Mark works as a freelance business/law journalist for Mergermarket, Psychedelic Invest and other international publications.

Previously, he worked as a lawyer, an infantry reservist, an encyclopedia editor, a tugboat sailor, a janitor at a sewage treatment plant, a Greenpeace fundraiser and a parking lot attendant.

Mark graduated from Toronto’s York University, started his legal career in Ottawa and now lives in Hamilton with his family.

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What people are saying

“I am enjoying and admiring Murder Bugs … Beautifully done … Fun, highly suspenseful … Only gets more richly imaginative as the tale unfolds … Coakley is adept at characterization and plotting … It’s genuinely wicked how he slips in insect facts and an ecological message without getting in the way of the plot … A captivating read.”
Bob Tarte
Wall Street Journal bestselling author
Hidden Harvest: “A thoroughly researched, entertaining book … Coakley tells a story that is real, sometimes humourous and very Canadian.”
Peter Edwards
Toronto Star
Tip and Trade: “A compelling story … fascinating details.”
Canadian Lawyer
Tip and Trade: “Coakley’s riveting tale includes interviews, trial accounts and his own brand of insider knowledge.” 
Globe and Mail
Tip and Trade: “A helluva story … Coakley, who previously wrote a historical novel about Vikings, explains the twosome’s crimes in a way that’s easy for everyday folks to understand.”
Winnipeg Free Press
Murder Bugs: A Love Story: “An immense pleasure to read … The love of invertebrates and the complexity of human behaviour are beautifully married in this imaginative thriller … The invertebrates are truly fantastic. The murders are clever and gruesome … A riveting novel that is difficult to put down … I thoroughly enjoyed it”
Marvin Gunderman – Entomology Instructor at McMaster University’s Department of Biology (retd)